Don’t we all miss our Childhood?

If you have been following us, you’ll know that we’ve have published a couple of challenges already. If you haven’t seen any of them, please look out our previous posts.

As an adult, we miss our childhood- well, at least I do. I miss not paying bills or worrying about cooking and cleaning or even working. I MISS not worrying about the things I worry about today. As a child, your job was to go to school and then after, play! Play all day and then go to sleep at 9PM. WHAT A LIFE! Who else wanted to just grow up when you were a teenager? I DID!!! — what a scam 🙂

Todays Challenge was childhood; heres what we post


Model: Agatha

Day #3

Something treasured.

  S O M E T H I N G   T R E A S U R E D

  January 2, 2018

  #PhotoChallenge Day 2

You have extraordinary treasures hidden within you my love, from your amiable soul to your compassionate heart.

Seeing your smile that could light up the darkest night, and the endless amount of love you have to share is something I will forever treasure.


Damien and AmBER

Model: Amber & Damien

Self Portrait

As photographer, we inspire to be the best artists as possible. We make visions come alive and relive them every time we see the photo. We challenge ourselves each and everyday to improve in our skills and showcase our talent. I read somewhere and actually made a quote saying ” a photograph is the pause button of life”. I feel like that quote is something every client should know.  Photographs are in fact the pause button in our lives. We get to relive our moments again. A small pleasure everybody should experience.


As we start the new year, we like to challenge ourselves in ways we would have never thought we could. Join us and follow our challenge-


Here’s todays:


Model: Christina Delgado

January 1– Self Portriat